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P2P Protection 

P2P Protection: a collaborative insurance concept

Mutual Aid communities dedicated to social and societal risks

Innovation at the service of solidarity

Since 2014, P2P Protect has deployed in Hong Kong, China and now in the United States and France, P2P Protection, a unique collaborative risk-sharing model. This model provides solutions to the difficulties or dramas of modern societies from divorce to child trafficking, addressing the problems of migrant workers, population aging linked to demographic change, or support for victims of terrorism.

We seek to make our society more resilient in the context of changing lifestyles and the emergence of new risks.

P2P Protection is doubly innovative: its collaborative model places the members of its communities at the center of key decisions and mobilizes digital technology to help each other.

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A model that reinvents solidarity by returning to the historical foundations of insurance

Before being reserved for centralized financial institutions, the origin of insurance was the sharing of risk between individuals, initially wishing to mutualize risks.


P2P Protection builds a unique model based on proven logic, at the very source of insurance, to put it at the service of individuals who do not have access to it in the current regulatory context of insurers and mutual insurers.

Unlike the mechanisms of insurance:

P2P Protection returns to members the amounts remaining available if the risks are lower than expected.

Transparency is permanent: members have monthly access to the number of claims accepted and rejected, as well as the reasons for rejection.

P2P Protection empowers members by giving them the opportunity to vote on the terms of mutual aid.

The model excludes any conflict of interest since the rejection of a claim does not benefit the operator. 

Discussion among community members is encouraged so that they can think about what they want.

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Digital technologies and financial modelling at the service of humans​

Direct democracy thanks to digital technologies

P2P Protection brings together the members of its communities through its web and mobile platforms, accessible at any time, but also by using the messaging and social media solutions available in each country, such as WeChat, Facebook, Weibo, or LinkedIn, in order to allow a continuous exchange between members and direct democracy.

Each month or at their request, members of the mutual aid communities can express their views on a subject that is important to them in order to improve the terms of mutual aid
, and the conditions of access, broaden the use, or avoid abuses.

Of course, this would not be possible without the rigorous risk management process, validated by actuary experts, who support the financial modeling and fraud detection scores developed under the direction of a team of French co-founders, each with more than 25 years of experience in the insurance field or an experience as risk executives in major financial groups. 

P2P Protect Insights

The infographic was created after 6 years of involvement in peer-to-peer insurance models.
P2P Protect Europe was one of the precursors of P2P insurance with the launch of Tong Ju Bao in China a few years ago and is now using its expertise by accompanying other assurtech players to develop their own models.

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