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Our values



We are business and new models builders. We like to help you build pilots, concrete successes, cathedrals if you want. We bring you the experience of managers and consultants who have built businesses stone by stone, whether it is the design of the offer, the business model, the technologies or operational processes needed to convince regulators but even more, to succeed on scale.


We are innovators, interested in all transformations of societies, economies and personal uses. Sometimes these are innovations of use, giving power back to the users. Sometimes they are bricks of certain models whose evolution or transformation can bring decisive competitive advantages. Sometimes again, it is new technologies, artificial intelligence algorithms, machine-learning methodologies that we mobilize, supported by established technological startups or by the brightest minds in French or international research centers.



Our pedigree is international by nature, as well as European and French. This is reflected in the DNA of all our employees, by the nature of the missions we carry out. Our first anchorage is in France, but we are individually and collectively accustomed to working on different geographies in Europe and Asia, our core perimeter. We also know how to mobilize our teams in Africa and in the Russian-speaking world, and have anchoring points, experience and correspondents on the American continent.​


We have a double experience of large groups and entrepreneurship in startup models. We understand the dynamic tension between the mastery objectives of some and the necessary creative urgency of others. We do not only have individual histories of anchoring in these two universes. We also deliberately maintain a portfolio of entrepreneurial projects parallel to our strategic and operational consulting activities, to ensure that we are always able to provide our clients and partners - at the highest level of excellence - with both postures.​

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