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Image by Luca Bravo


​P2P Protect Europe was born, even before exercising a consulting activity, from the creation by its founder of innovative Insurtech products and models, based on the application of collaborative or P2P models to the insurance.

The weaving of elements drawn from the sharing economy, paytechs and the logic of insurance enabled P2P Protect Europe in 2016 to be the forerunner in Asia of a model which has since proven its ability to deploy in large scale, with hundreds of millions of users worldwide.


But on other missions and for other clients, it is the combination of IOT or telecommunication technologies, as well as insurance expertise, that has made it possible to invent new models and new products, whether they are innovative in terms of the object or service covered or the instantaneous and on-demand nature of insurance.


We can mobilize actuarial or modeling skills and advanced artificial intelligence to serve our clients. But our know-how focuses above all on the ability to combine concepts to generate new products or models to support radical changes in expectations or in our environment.


Clients of our Insurtech practice include insurance groups and Insurtechs at all maturity levels. 

We are supervised by Orias (a body under the supervision of the Treasury of France) under the reference 21002306.
We are also a member of'Endya, brokerage self-regulatory association, and the Crowdfunding association.

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