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The creation and development of neobanks, 100% mobile, is one of the most striking emerging currents of recent years. We must not forget, however, its genesis and the long maturation of a model onmore than 20 years. It illuminates both the failures and the egregious successes ofRevolut, N26, Monzoor, for the self-employed and SMEs,Qonto or Shine.

We do not limit our repository to these models only. Other models that do not have the same baptismal name,"Payment Wallet"and "Bank-as-a-Service", fit into our analysis prism, to guide our customers through a jungle of possible options whose evolution is neither fixed nor complete.


Our objectiveis to help our customers to build the project that makes sense in its own ecosystem, whether with a logic of rupture or continuity.

Examples of missions carried out by P2P Protect Europe:  

For a B2B / B2C Neobank


Definition of a credit strategy and its execution plan


Development of the path and granting rules, as well as sources of scoring and fraud detection data


Identification of the SAAS technological solutions necessary for the deployment


Recruitment of data-scientists and development of new DSP2 or other transactional scores

For a Bank B2B 


Definition of a neo-bank strategic project


Detailed operational execution plan


Co-construction of business plans with assumptions of acquisition costs, conversion rate and return on investment of the project


Investment decision support at the service of General Management and its Board

P2P Protect Insights

The business models of neobanks and new financial ecosystems are defined by two main aspects: positioning on the value chain (from back-end to customer interfaces) and a more or less customer-centric approach (B2B, B2B2C or B2C players).


VSOnsult this infographic to learn more, or ... 


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