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As much as phase one of the disruption of the banking business was payment, phase two is credit. The advanced indicators of this new battle are multiple.

Among them :


1 / 

The ongoing shift of neobanks or 'challenger banks', from payment to credit (N26, Revolut, Quonto, Ditto...);

2 / 

The rise of credit within bigtech ecosystems, from Amazon to Alibaba and Tencent;

3 / 

The emergence of Credit-as-a-Service as a model reinventing both the commoditization and the fluidity of credit;


The fall of barriers to entry, notably in France with open-banking and PSD2, removing the monopoly of customer knowledge from large retail banks;

5 / 

Hundreds of startups around the world working to reinvent the customer experience in applying for and obtaining credit (Kabbage, Yelloan, Finfrog, Mansa...)

Mission examples

​ Development of neobank credit projects for a French bank with an American investor; 

Definition of the strategy and launch of the operational implementation of the credit activity of a French neo-bank belonging to an international group. ​

Development of an investment thesis on the Asian market launch of Europe's leading credit broker

Promotion on new international markets of innovative credit or bank "as-a-service" or "crowdfunding" / peer-to-peer lending solutions.

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