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P2P Protect is one of the leading international experts in collaborative models 
We intervened at the request of financial regulators around the world, associations of regulators or international organizations dedicated to microfinance, but also tech and insurance startups. 
Our own entrepreneurial experience in the creation of mutual protection models (TongJuBao since 2014 in China) makes us one of the natural destination points for players wishing to be accompanied in the implementation of Peer-to-Peer models applied to the sector. financial. To the experience of our initial models, placing community members at the center of decisions and financial flows, we have added over the years a continuous monitoring of all initiatives in the collaborative field. This allows us to tailor responses to your objectives for the customer communities you wish to serve.

Interview with Tang Loaëc, founder of P2P Protect, during Argus Factory 2018, the biggest Insurtech event in France, supported by the magazine Argus de l'Assurance and a collective of the 18 most innovative leaders of French insurance.

P2P Protect Insights

Peer-to-peer insurance

KnownCheck out this infographic based on data from 6 years of engagement in peer-to-peer insurance models.


Want to know more? 


Want to know more? 

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