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Areas of focus


Since the financial market underwent its digital transformation, fintech players have been faced with numerous challenges such as cybersecurity, regulation and increased competition. P2P Protect Europe offers customized support to help you meet these challenges.

The number of neo-banks has tripled in recent years. These companies have totally disrupted the banking market. Our aim is to help our customers build the project that makes sense in their own ecosystem, whether it's in terms of disruption or continuity.

Like neo-banking, insurtech is very much in evidence. We can mobilize actuarial skills or advanced modeling and artificial intelligence to serve our customers, but our know-how lies above all in the ability to combine concepts to generate new products or models to accompany radical changes in expectations or in our environment.

Artificial intelligence is the implementation of a number of techniques designed to enable machines to imitate a real form of intelligence. This technique can be found in all sectors, including banking and finance.

We support companies' international roll-outs thanks to our strong expertise in this field: definition of innovative strategies to penetrate new countries, channels and markets; use of mobile and digital channels to accelerate customer acquisition; partnership and alliance strategies with local leaders; targeting of inbound traffic (tourists, students, expatriates...).

Support for French/European companies in China. Location and original distribution model studies for the Asian deployment of a French financial institution. Opportunity studies for innovative African financial players to set up in France.

We offer services such as developing neo-credit bank projects, defining strategies, implementing credit activities and promoting innovative credit and banking solutions in new international markets.

P2P Proetct Europe offers scientific and business support, as well as algorithm and platform development. Together, P2P and KMSD are developing a targeted offer of scientific and financial support, aimed at improving modeling and developing decision-making algorithms linked to credit risk assessment and weighted valuation of outstandings.

P2P Protect Europe is one of the world's leading experts on collaborative models. We have acted on behalf of financial regulators worldwide, regulatory associations and international organizations dedicated to microfinance, as well as tech and insurance startups.

The advent of digital technology, the new skills expected in the 21st century (85% of the jobs of 2030 don't yet exist) and the Covid-19 crisis are just some of the upheavals that are forcing the education sector to develop new solutions.

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