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VOTE: Quand initier la déclaration ? Divorce Protection

Vote on claim rules: Marriage Protection - 1

From which date do you believe members should be able to claim for payment under divorce protection ?

Answer A: From date the Divorce is requested (official request to court or marriage bureau).

Answer B: From date the Divorce is official (decision from court or divorce certificate issued)


If answer A prevail, then someone can apply for the protection as soon as he has filed adivorce with the court. The benefit is that the member can receive his payments without having to wait several months (sometimes a year) for a judge to give a final decision. The inconvenient is that they could be some rare cases when people will change their mind during the process and re-unite. It will also be more difficult to detect potential abuse (fraud).

If answer B prevail, you have the certainty that the money will not start to be paid before divorce really occured and is final. The cost of claims to all members of the community will be minimized. No money is paid for people who initiate divorce then change their mind.

If answer A prevail, the protection is available from the date people may need it (couple often already live separately when they apply for divorce) but the guarantee deposit amount to be brought by every member and final cost of claims to the community would probably be increased by 1 or 2%.

From when shall marriage protection coverage be obtained ?

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